Panthenol gel 150 ml



Panthenol 10% gel – a high content of d-panthenol (10%), menthol and vitamin E for a better cooling and moisturizing effect.

The skin is well moisturized owing to the addition of vitamin E in the special form of microcapsules, which also deliver beneficial jojoba emolliency. Thus, they efficiently and quickly penetrate the surface layers of the skin. Vitamin E also enhances the skin regenerating effect of d-panthenol (provitamin B5).

The product is enriched by the addition of menthol, which gives a soothing effect of cooling and a refreshing sensation, reducing the feeling of skin itching and dryness after excessive exposure to sunlight.

As a result of its gel consistency, high advanced microcapsule technology and selected ingredients, the product is well absorbed and provides significant relief to affected skin.

Panthenol, Vitamin E, menthol

Apply a small amount of gel evenly onto the skin, spread over the affected area and allow it to be absorbed.

Avoid the eye-contour area.

Store at the temperature 15°- 25 °C.